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Abonnet is an internet service for companies and individual advisors to meet each other and work together.

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Growth company rarely manage without external help but sometimes its hard to find suitable Advisors. Internet however broadens candidate base and enables virtual guidance in a cost effective way.

At Abonnet you can set up a virtual Advisory Board and invite people with suitable expertise to join. Some advisors may join for free, some have set a price for their expertise.

Abonnet also enables online Advisory Board work; share information, documents and place questions to your Advisory Board or have online meeting with voice and video. Be active and your board stays active and you'll get most out of it!

For you

Many of us have expertise that would benefit companies. Sharing that expertise might however be hard by traditional means.

Abonnet enables you to share your expertise online. Select companies that have a need for your expertise and let them know of you.

Being active Advisory Board member pays off; you are more likely to get good feedback which increases your possibility to get new memberships.

User feedback

"Just started using Abonnet, by the looks of it, it seems great!"

"Abonnet is just great idea! Being an advisor suits me perfectly."

"(N.N) has advised us through Abonnet on how to get new customers. We appreciated his very professional approach."

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