Etuma Advisory Board

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Founded: 08.05.2012

Regional focus: Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany

Field of business: Internet

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Our company Etuma is world%27s leading automatic multi-language and high accurate open text feedback analysis service. Etuma breaks every customer comment down into sentences and derives meaning from each sentence. We call these meanings ‘discussion topics’. Typical sentiment analysis assigns a positive or negative value to an entire comment, but Etuma gives a value to each individual discussion topic. Only by understanding the sentiment of each discussion topic is it possible to turn vast amounts of data into reliable information for decision making.

Main scope of the board is to accelerate international sales and find service offering focus.

We are looking for b to b sales, marketing and business development people with experience in working with large and medium size service and brand companies.