Advisory Board - Credii

Owner: Members:

Founded: 20.04.2012

Regional focus: Australia, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Chile, India

Field of business: Investment Banking/Venture, Management Consulting, Marketing & Advertising, Market Research, InformationServices

Board language: English

Credii is a Yelp-on-steroids for business software and services.

We%27re building interactive web applications that understand the context behind a business need for a software or a service, and then provide customized recommendations based on these specific needs, preferences and constraints. Just like a consultant would, but far more objectively and for free.

We%27re currently focused on 3 emerging software domains - social media monitoring, internal collaboration and cloud computing. Having launched in private beta on 15th February 2012, we have nearly 200 users and are looking to grow this to 1000 verified business users by July 1st 2012. To get there, we%27re building an advisory board to help us:

- Manage our product vision
- Keep us on track with product development
- Optimize our operations to scale well
- Develop a winning marketing strategy
- Help us with monetization and sales contacts
- Guide in raising a ~600k seed round